500-Series Audio

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Lima 704 Program EQ.

Lima Audio

Lima Audio was begun around 2019 as an experimental line of modules which deviated from some of the XQP traditions. The 704, for example, utilizes Lundahl transformers in and out, all rotary switch controls (no pots), dual thumbscrews instead of a handle, different panel hardware, etc.

Lima 412 photo compressor.

The Lima 412 optical compressor went further by having a mechanical gain reduction meter, Kilo knobs, resessed toggle switches, and Hammond transformers.

Lima Phonehaze.

The Lima Phonehaze is a telephone simulator custom-built for producer/engineer Joe Haze. It broke all boundaries by incorporating telephone transformers and a 741 op amp.


Lima products are not currently in production or available at any of our dealers. But if you are interested in one, let us know. These things can be built to order.

Lima has proved to be a good way to discover some new things, some of which will be showing up in XQP products as they are redeveloped.