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The XQP Powers Lane Factory

On November 10, 2017 we purchased a 20' shipping container to house the new XQP factory. We bought the one on the bottom which is "new" - that is it came over from China with a single load of goods in it and then was sold to Budget Box in Tulsa, the dealer from which we bought it.

November 18, 2017, we dug and poured concrete piers for the container to sit on. It was delivered to the XQP farm earlier in the week and dumped off. AJ is mixing some very dry-looking concrete here. Dane was taking pictures rather than adding water. The piers to the left of AJ are for a 40' container for different purposes.

November 18, 2017, the finished piers, setting up in their cardboard tubes.

November 19, 2017, The floor was sanded and the first coat of polyurethane applied. The second coat will go on after all other work is complete and a light sanding.

November 25, 2017, The first wall section assembled in the garage at the farm.

AJ attaching a wall section to the floor of the container.

November 26, 2017, All framing completed.

November 30, 2017, Front wall covered with OSB, ready now to be insulated.

December 1, 2017, AJ rented a nice big forklift and, using it as a crane with the help of some chains and a very big tow rope, we moved the factory into position on its piers. It was dark by this time.

AJ's new (for the weekend) hot rod. The plan was to move the container in the traditional forklift manner. The forks on this lift, however, were too narrow to fit into the container's forklift slots. The man from the rental place came out and took a look and made a phone call, and even though three people at the place told AJ that this machine would fit, it didn't. He did suggest the overhead crane method, and after he left we put our heads together (not literally but poetically) and dug around until we came up with the right combination of chains and AJ's big blue farm rope. It worked out very well in fact. Dane was able to push on the container with one hand to position it while talking to AJ on the phone with the other hand.

December 2, 2017, The factory container on its piers in daylight. AJ's 40 footer to the left was moved into place this morning.

Container dealer graffiti.

December 15, 2017, Door not quite installed but sitting in the hole.

December 16, 2017, House wrap applied and door installed.

Instructions from Lowes for my theatre friends.

Cedar siding going on. Also visible in this photo - some additional nomenclature was added to the serial number of the container indicating that this is the 7th XQP factory thus far. Previous ones have been in various house and apartment bedrooms.

December 17, 2017, The siding was finished, along with the trim around the edges (the HVAC unit will be trimmed after it is installed), and a coat of poly on the cedar and paint on the door and frame.

December 19, 2017, A second coat of exterior spar poly was applied to the siding and the outside floor.

January 6, 2018, We made a step out of some leftover concrete. It was probably too cold to do this, but we did it anyway.

January 23, 2018, Cory Boehs of Kool Foam came today and sprayed in the closed-cell foam insulation.

January 27, 2018, Dane cutting drywall.

Drywall going up on the ceiling.

January 28, 2018, Dane's hand with the end of the chalk line after AJ filled it with a fresh batch of chalk.

AJ contemplating the new drywall.

February 3, 2018, Mudding has begun.

February 17, 2018, Painting has begun.

And as a somewhat retroactive inspiration for the paint scheme, our friend Joe Flaming posed for the camera at the Kiwanis meeting. The colors in the picture above this one are somewhat skewed - the likeness to Joe is really striking.

Also on this day we began the task of attaching brackets of various sorts to the walls to hold the work benches, parts bins, and shelves. AJ is doing that here. There was an earlier mention that the floors would have to be refinished.

Here we see a good bit of these mysterious things on the south wall and ceiling.

February 19, 2018, Dane and AJ installing shelves.

February 19, 2018, Dane attaching the computer desk to the workbenches.

February 21, 2018, The workbenches and computer desk (the center part) are completed.

February 24, 2018, AJ leveling shelves on the shipping side of the room.

The cardboard box shelf built.

February 28, 2018, Cardboard box shelf painted and installed. This is the central support for the shipping counter.

March 1, 2018, Some parts bins installed.

March 2, 2018, Shipping counter tops being dry fitted.

March 3, 2018, And here is a little porch light.

March 4, 2018, AJ has been wiring the place. We decided to run all the electrical in PVC conduit on the surface so that we could more easily put it right where we want it and add to it easily as needed. Finished shipping counter tops in place and shelves installed in the cardboard box cabinet.

March 7, 2018, The little HVAC unit arrived via a popular but unnamed international carrier in a box that looks to have just barely survived the invasion of Iwo Jima.

March 10, 2018, But alas! The unit survived without more than a dent or two and works very well. AJ managed to shorten the power cable by a few feet, voiding the warranty most likely.

The crow's nest with about 4 coats of lime green paint and its associated test devices all wired up and ready to go.

This is Dane's side of the room with three new 60-drawer parts bins bringing the total to 8. AJ will have 8 on his side once he gets some more in. The magnifier installed as well.

Dane's tool chest beneath the shipping bench clear across the room (about 42").

And to cap off this particular Saturday, a very customized white board was created and put on the far end of the room down in AJ's sector. This will give us a place to bounce around circuit ideas and cartoons and various other art forms. The sink got installed today as well, but it still lacks the all-important plumbing connections.

March 13, 2018, AJ is seen here attaching some rather large and obscure power supplies beneath his bench so that he has more room for stuff on top.

Once upon a time, having found two Powers Lane street signs in an antique store, the factory was christened Powers Lane in memory of one of Dane's audio mentors and friends, Oliver Powers. The signs were duly mounted above the door on both sides.

A nice production reflection of Dane can also be seen in this photo as well as the Rupert Neve painting and a QLE 3645 Light Counter.

Some modules on the shelf ready to roll.

De-esser instructions on the white board.

March 15, 2018, the Ides of March, Dane officially went online with the new factory this evening by testing, calibrating, and packaging four 531A de-essers which had earlier been constructed in temporary quarters. The big shipping desk was a real hit.

March 17, 2018, having replaced the tape in the label maker, more parts got added to the new parts bins.

This day also marked the beginning of new custom optocoupler tests for the coming 531B Optical De-esser.

March 21, 2018, we managed to hoss AJ's new tool chest into the place this evening. This is a handy dandy Husky model that we conveniently left the castors off so it would fit under the shipping counter. A really nice tool chest.